I ROBO ES-2 Educational Robot Kit - Programming

I ROBO ES-2 Educational Robot Kit - Programming
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Product Description

is the second in a series of I-ROBO Robot building kits. This kit provides the capability to build 11 different designs of robots. This kit introduces programming concepts to control you robot.

These models include: Mantis Robot, Crabbot, Walking Robot, Turtle, autowagon (Segway), Cockroach (Scare Mom), Kicker, Rolling wheel, Buggy Car, Taurus and Dragonfly Robot. These robot designs are described with Step by Step instructions for each robot.

This kit contains 270 parts, 8 bit computer and software.

This kit contains Mechanical Parts: 49 construction Frames, 10 Metal Construction Frames, 16 Plastic connectors, 11 wheels, Pulleys, gears, plastic hook, 2 Tools (1 mini Screw driver and 1 mini wrench) 1 Box of Screws and Bolts (~120) 1 Bag of Plastic connector Rods (~50)

This kit also includes Electronic Parts: 1 Robot Controller ( Motherboard ) 1 Battery Power Pack (requires 4 AAs not Inc.) 1 Servo 2 DC Motor 1 IR remote 1 Remote sensor 1 Buzzer (Mom Annoyer) 3 IR LED Sensors 1 CD with Software and Manuals (3)

***** Requires access to a PC with Windows and a USB Interface. *****

***** Requires 4 AA Batteries. *****

This kit provides basic backgrounds of the parts of a robot, and allows the individual to build alone or in groups hands on robots, and program them to work either by remote or on their own. Once a robot is built you can play with them, or dis-assemble and build another model.

Additionally each robot kit supports the learning of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (S.T.E.M). The ES series of kits comes with instruction manuals on the CD that can be used to learn additional information, covering Physics, Engineering, Computer Science and Mathematics. These easy to understand information components help integrate Robotic to the basics aspects of S.T.E.M. This programming is done on an easy to use graphical user interface, which shows how you connect one input activity to one output activity.

***** WARNING:*****

***** CHOKING HAZARD -- Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.*****